Saturday, August 14, 2021

From time to time in the past months we have had a nice and good weather for flying. And this is what happened today. Throughout this hurricane season for the Caribbean islands, the predominant thing has been a lot of wind. Today started smooth and good to fly and we had to take advantage of it 🙂💪!!!

We meet in Villa Pesquera Isabela, as far away as possible from Storm Grace, which is in good shape arriving at the Caribbean islands (and which will suspend activities for tomorrow Sunday). Saying present from the family of Team Kamikazes they were …

Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Melissa Earl
Mario Muniz
Hermes Ferrer (later his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn arrived)
David Silva
Alberto Sabah
Sammy Badillo

Along with the Kamikazes family, several new friends also arrived in search of Living the Paramotor Experience and evaluating the viability of taking Training to be able to practice the sport. We can mention Rocky, his wife Luz and daughter Nayeli (Humacao), Omar Martínez (Villalba), Angel and Mildred (Anasco), Juan and his wife Jilmarie, and Alexei, his wife Lydialis and children Alexei Jr and Dianalis (Florida, USA ). Angel and Juan, both came to celebrate their birthdays flying 💪!!!

Luis Ruiz, assisted by his son Ian, were carrying out the Demo flights. Everyone present enjoyed their great flight experience and promised to return. Later in this story we include photos and videos of their adventures 👇.

Alexei Jr. Adventure…
Dianalis Adventure…

As for the Team pilots, as we mentioned, the morning started with light winds. This was a bit of a challenge for some of the pilots, used to strong wind conditions these months. But it was just that, a challenge …

One by one, Pablo, Edgardo, Alberto, Sammy, Ricardo and David took of. It was nice to receive the visit of the friend, David Silva, who due to professional commitments had not been able to visit us recently. And more than that, see how he dominated his paraglider, its takeoff and landing in an excellent way 💪!

In the same way Ricardo, who in the past months has dedicated himself to polishing his skills with paragliding control, and now the practices have been rewarding the effort. He went flying without major problems and for more than an hour. In addition to its takeoff, its landing was also very good. It’s a matter of him to keep flying and keep perfection his skills.

As for the school students, Mario and Melissa spent the whole morning practicing with the paragliders. First with light wind and then with the perfect wind for kite. Mario ended up exhausted, but happy after such an intense day. Melissa as well, and not only that, but she already managed to master the paraglider to her liking. We are already beginning to think about his first flights with the Paramotor. Stay Tuned…

Melissa showing progress.

In the afternoon, a storm cloud approached us, thus ending the activity. The Storm Grace is approaching Puerto Rico and will be over the island for tomorrow, so, we will not have any activity.

At least today was very well spent, and with a lot of blessings!!! Thank God.


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