Sunday, September 26, 2021 – Chinchorreo Full !!!

After several months and very active weekends with our flight activities. We decided to take a day as a family, go to enjoy other activities that did not involve flying. In Puerto Rico, we call this, “chinchorreo.”

The chosen route was to try a roast chicken that prepare in a place called “Maelo’s Chicken” in the town of Morovis. Pilots and friends from all over the island gathered around noon. The place was, as expected, was quite crowded, but we managed to accommodate ourselves on a balcony that they had for large groups.

The chicken was delicious, but the humidity and heat, along with the continuous passage of people and vehicles, was the order of the day. We took the opportunity to celebrate a surprise birthday for Neisha, Hermes’s wife. Thanks to Eric Román and Yomaris for the help in getting the cake 😉!!!.

Birthday Surprise for Neisha !!!

Once we finished eating, Luis Ruiz mentioned that he would like to visit the business of the sons of our Team pilot friend, Ariel Rodríguez, who is located in the town of Orocovis, about half an hour from the place. And well, it happened, that everyone joined the adventure of visiting Ariel 😉.

When we called Ariel,explaining him that we were on our way, it turned out that for the first time in months, they had not opened the business. But Ariel, would wait for us in a nearby business, where he was with his wife Wanda.

And so, we arrived at Orocovis, along with the arrival of clouds and rain. Despite everything looks complicated, we settled into the place and had a great time with Ariel and Wanda. We were concerned about Omar Colon and his daughters who had left San Juan and had not arrived. But fortunately, they were also in time to share with the rest of the group 💪.

Edgardo crashes….

It was a very special day!!! And that’s what it’s all about, living every possible moment with good friends. Blessings!!!

Ariel and Wanda, late in the Day….


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