Weekend, November 26 – 27, 2022 – More people Living the Experience of Flying and Abner at 9K…

We made it to the weekend, after Thanksgiving. We have many plans, always counting on God‘s blessing. The weather was quite good and with that we still have to train new students and, as always, carry out Demo flights for people who want to Live the Experience of flying…

Kamikaze pilots and Family present…

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and sons Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Ken Arciola and his wife (visiting from NY)
Ted Sowinski
Charles Riggs
Jose “Cheo” Roman
Abner Ramos
Luis Vélez and his son Luis Jr. (Bebo) on their second day of training

Living the Flight Experience..

Alberto and Melissa from Toa Alta
Norma Martínez (Ponce), accompanied by relatives
Yonsué (Aguada), accompanied by his Parents

Saturday… Isabella…

Ian was mostly in charge of the Demo Flights of the day, doing the flights for Melissa, Alberto and Norma. All discovering the pleasures and freedom that the flying experience provides. Luis Ruiz was in charge of the flight for Yonsué, who arrived with his parents, and little Noah Enrique, who could not miss a flight 🙂.

Today was the second day of training for the students Luis Vélez and his son Bebo. Both had already started training in low wind conditions, and today they made their practices with constant wind for the first time. They practiced the Reverse control of the Paraglider. A practice very different from what they had done in his first day of practice. In the beginning of the morning, the reserve technique gave them problems,but eventually, they began to show their skills. We do not doubt that soon we will have them flying together with the rest of the pilots 💪.

Part of the activities in the morning…

In the meantime, Ken Arciola and his wife visited the island again. This time he was flying his fast Apco F3 paraglider, together with his SkyMax Moster Paramotor. Ken continue his progress of the Reverse Launch skills (which he doesn’t practice in NY). He made two great flights in the Coast during the morning.

In the case of Mario Muñiz, he Take Off in the morning and head in the direction of the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas. He climbed to a height greater than 2,000 ft, but a reading error in one of his engine sensors meant that this time he did not venture up very high. Mario is dominating the sport at will. Congratulations!!!

Also the pilots, Ricardo, Ted and Charles flew at will along the coast of Isabela.

Sunday…Improvise visit to Isabela.

Luis Ruiz had pending visit Loiza where the pilots Edgardo Rivera, Omar Colon, Samuel Travis, John Mush were gathered together with the international pilots Christopher Kinchin and Christopher Montes. But he was late to travel due to previous commitments. So he end up without much planning in paradise Isabela.

Omar Colon in Problems…
Video of the BBQ by Omar…

Abner Ramos came to accompany Luis and together they went flying. Also, again, arrived without much planning Saúl and Sharie, from San Juan. It was Saúl’s birthday and he celebrated it in a Demo Flight with Luis. In the same way, some minutes later, the same situation happens with Brenda and Wilfredo from Toa Alta. This time it was Brenda‘s birthday.

Abner preview, before his adventure…

Both Saúl and Brenda had an excellent time on their birthdays. So, a last minute change of plans made these flights take place. Amazing!!!

Abner Ramos at 9,000 ft !!!!

During the time that Luis was realizing the Demo Flights, Abner goes flying, and this time he decided to take some altitude. Imitating achieves from Mario and Darwin in recent flights. The weather was perfect, and he eventually goes all the way to 9,021 ft 💪. Once he landed, his body was trembling. He was not expecting that at this altitude the cold sensation were that hard. So, better see some videos here of his adventure…

Abner arriving at 5,000 ft !!!!
Abner… “I made it, 9,000 ft!!!!”
Is COLD over there…
Abner’s Interview after his Fly.

As always we gave thanks to God for all these blessings that puts in our ways 🙏.


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