Sunday, February 26, 2023 – Back in Puerto Rico…

Back on the island. And now to fulfill responsibilities and pending Demo flights. We went to Isabela with good conditions for both flying and practicing.

Kamikaze Pilots Present…

Students Luis “Bussy” Vélez and his son Bebo (San Germán)
Luis Ruiz, and his sons Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah

To Live the Flight Experience…

Juan Ortiz, his wife and daughter Isabela traveling from Cayey
Joshua and Ada, who reside in New York, USA
Gustavo and Nicole, who reside in Aguadilla
José González from Bayamon, this time brought his daughter Paola to Live her Experience.

The Story…

The students Luis “Bussy” Vélez and his son Bebo arrived early to continue their training. Both have already flown once, now it’s time for improvements.

While Ian Darrell was in charge of the Demo flights for Juan Ortiz and his daughter Isabela, in other hand, Luis Ruiz continued the training of Bussy and Bebo.

Little Noah in a short Fly with Dad!!!
Juan Ortiz and his daughter Isabela getting Ready for the flying Experience!!!
Juan Ortiz Taking Off with Ian.

They started in the morning kiting their paragliders. Subsequently, Luis was directly assisting both in their takeoff attempts. This time Bussy could not get out, because when everything was ready for takeoff, his Paramotor did not want to start, and this despite the fact that minutes before we had flown it to verify that everything was fine. Unfortunately, Bussy had commitments in the afternoon and had to leave early from the activity. So, an adjustment to his Paramotor was not possible at the moment, as his opportunity to fly gone with him.

Bussy Velez in Training Mode

But who did fly was his son Bebo. This time flying his Paramotor Miniplane for the first time, which he has customized to his liking. Both his takeoff and landings were good and Bebo was flying for around 30 minutes. His second Fly ever and start to looks confidence in the air 💪.

As for the pilots, there was Ricardo, who flew Bebo’s Miniplane for the first time. Sammy, Alberto, Pablo and Mario all enjoying their flights in excellent weather.

Joshua and Ada from New York speaking about their experiences!!!

Thanks to everyone who said they were present at our activity, after a 12-day stay in Spain. Blessings 🙏!!!

One more memorable Story… Flying from Loiza to Ponce!!!

In the other side of the Island, some pilots coordinate the adventure of flying all the way from Loiza to La Guancha in Ponce. Stops were coordinated at Ceiba and Humacao. These was part of the Surprise Birthday celebrated to the pilot Edgardo Rivera.

Present in the adventure were, Omar Colon, Darwin Hernandez, Edgardo Rivera with his wife Wilnelia, Samuel Travis and his girlfriend Michelle, Jose Santini and Angelo Avila.

Here is a Video that shows the Cross Adventure that they had…


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