Saturday, May 20, 2023 – Abner… you’ll be remember!!!

Seconds, minutes, hours, days…Thinking… I knew that this story had to be written and the time had come…Never is easy to lose a friend, family, brother…😢.

This story was very sad for the entire community of Paramotor pilots on the island. And for everyone who had the honor of knowing Abner Ramos. He died today at Punta Hermina Beach in Quebradillas, while flying together with Darwin Hernández, in circumstances that possible were never clear…

Last Video of Abner getting Ready in the morning. God Bless!!!

Both pilots Take Off in the morning from Villa Pesquera Isabela, where we were carrying out an activity involving flights and classes for new school students. They headed in their flights to Hatillo, a normal route for them.

That morning the weather looked excellent for flying, and we began the training of José “Ronnie” Meléndez, and continued training to the student Luis Antonio Cruz. Also, Instructional Flights were carried out for David Guzmán (possible student), and for Yilka and Joseph who had come from Vieques to Live their Experiences.

Then, the news arrived… Abner had fallen into the sea in Quebradillas, and was not responding… the rest is well known…. The news literally traveled the world.

Abner, we join in the sorrow that your entire family and everyone who could have the privilege of knowing you. You will always be remembered with your joy and joviality that characterized you. As you always said, “vamos a darle que para luego es tarde.”

God bless you 🙏😥.

Edgardo Rivera remembering Abner!!!
Luis Ruiz at interview with Telemundo PR…
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