Saturday, May 25, 2024 – Light Winds and very “Hot” at Isabela with some Demo Flights!!!

The weekend started with hot weather and with little wind. And although this allows us to fly as we please, it is still uncomfortable to be on the beach in such heat.

Kamikaze Pilots and Family Present…

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Ken Arciola and his friend Louis from New York
Luis Ruiz and his son Noah Enrique
Chino Morales
Alberto Sabah
José “Ronnie” Meléndez
Miguel Orona
Sammy Badillo

Arriving to Live their Flight Experiences

Ainsley and her girlfriend Passion from New York, USA
Tainy from San Sebastian
Erick Vega and friends from the South area

The morning began hot and with little wind, this meant that the school students, Miguel and Ronnie, could not practice much and even gets exhausted quickly due to the prevailing heat. In turn, Alberto Sabah managed to Take Off for first time with his new 22-meter Sky Zorro paraglider. And here we share the first sensations of Alberto after having flown it.

Alberto is very happy with his new Paraglider!!!

Later in the day, Alberto would be joined on the flights by the pilots Jomar Crespo, Pablo Cruz, Sammy Badillo, Ken Arciola and Chino Morales. They all managed to take off and fly together along the entire beach coast.

Jomar Crespo arriving and recording the activity!!!
Video of the Coast by Pablo Cruz!!! (Good to have him in the air again!!!)
Jomar Crespo flying together and recording Chino Morales…
Chino and Sammy enjoying after a good flights…

Introduction demo Flights…

Luis Ruiz was in charge of carrying out some previously coordinated Demo flights. Ainsley from New York, managed to Take Off with Luis, but his girlfriend Passion had to postpone her flight until we had better conditions to take off. Later Luis Ruiz Take Off with Tainy from San Sebastian, here a short video of her experience…

Tainy from San Sebastian living the experience!!!

In the afternoon, with better flight conditions, Luis make some additional Demo flights to Erick Vega’s family. Erick flew with us previously, and this time comes with family looking to enjoy the experiences of fly… Here a short video of their adventures!!!

Erick Vega and family, returning to Live the Experience!!!

Extra Video(s)…

Video dedicated to David Silva!!! OMG…
Cheztin, from Argentina, looking for a ship to travel the world!!!


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