Tuesday, August 07, 2018

In the afternoon, we went to Rancho Grande de Anasco, taking advantage of the good weather conditions in the area, saying present were Chey Sánchez, student Jason Scheurer and his wife Julie, Luis Ruiz, Danis Rodríguez, Nixon Porrata and the possible student Carlos Francis with his daughter Viviana. Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon and without much noise or announcement. Esteban Torres warned that he could not arrive on the way to making his first flight. However, Danis, if he did, taking advantage of a good climate, I take off without major problem and achieve the flight I had always wanted to make, in his hometown of Anasco. It was only about thirty minutes flying but Danis was happy and in the future we will go for more. Chey, Nixon and Luis also flew around, even Luis tried a Tandem flight for Viviana, but the wind was practically at zero and it was very difficult to take off as Viviana sat before her time causing us to abort the flight, It will be on another occasion, while Jason gave hard to the practice of inflation, possibly we have it on the air by the end of this week. We will keep you informed.

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