Saturday, August 04, 2018

A difficult climate for the whole island kept us until the last minute shuffling the place of the Kamikazes Team meeting for this weekend, it is also said that the event of the “Valerias cross” from Humacao to Santa Isabel had to be postponed, ironically, Humacao lucia as the best place to practice and fly this weekend but without “cross” and there we go. It turned out, that we had a sensational day of sharing, practices and flights. We started by mentioning that we had a full house, from all parts of the island, “Kamikazes” gathered to share as a family.

Saying present were: Nixon Porrata, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene, Luis “Tiza” López, his wife Elisabeth and their children, Carlos Candido Rodríguez, Gregory Santiago and their daughter Keyra, Juan Carlos Correa and their son Jean Marcel, Gabriel Martínez, Michael Diaz, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Alex Diaz, Danis Rodriguez, Ismael de León, José Santini and his wife, Esteban Torres and sharing for the first time, a childhood friend of Luis, and Table Tennis coach, Alberto López and his wife Lissie. In addition to the general public that was approaching to take information, and 2 passengers who flew with Luis in Tandem, Edna Figueroa, who was accompanied by his family, and Rosa, neighbor of Punta Santiago, both enjoyed their flights a lot. (Alberto tried a couple of times to go flying with Luis, but he decided not to do it both times when everything was ready to go …, hopefully he will do it on the next occasion).

The day started windy with threatening rains passing by on the side, but thanks to weather applications, we knew that they were passing events, so I had to have a little patience as pilots were arriving from all over the island. Little by little, the weather improved, maintaining winds between 12-18 mph from the NE all day. Despite being somewhat strong, this is what we had and so little by little they were arriving and departing to fly, CC, Nixon, Pablo, Grego, Ismael, and Luis doing tandem flights. A little later they were joined, Chey and Michael, this on their first flight with their new SkyMax BDL paramotor, had excellent take off and landing.

But more than flights, I took advantage of the day to give hard to the practice of inflation and paragliding control of Gabriel, Alex, Jean Marcel, Danis, Esteban and Santini, all gave him hard taking advantage of a grass field next to the takeoff area that was ideal for the practices. CC, Pablo and Grego were assisting in the technical details to the students, even some “flew” to more than 3 ft in height. Alex’s practice paraglider, Ozone Groundhog, was also used, which has been very helpful especially when conditions are windy. In the afternoon after passing one of the systems of rain and winds in which we kept sharing, a flight window was opened, and all the pilots in the area took the opportunity to take the last flight of the day, Nixon started and They followed CC, Grego, Ismael, Pablo and Chey after half an hour the weather had been damaged again and it was time to pick us up, but before that some of us went to dinner as a family. He had an excellent time and we have been waiting for good weather to fly for weeks. Always giving thanks to God for these moments that allows us to live.

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