Friday, December 14, 2018

The weekend started with the arrival of the Kamikaze pilot, Esteban Torres. He traveled from New York, expressly to fly paramotor with the Team Kamikazes on the island. He came accompanied by his partner María Isabel. The first thing in the morning was meet with the Instructor Luis Ruiz at hos home. Luis gave Esteban his new flight equipment. Esteban was step by step  buying it though past months, and finally everything was set waiting for his arrival. The weekend had become windy for the whole island. That situation worried us since Esteban only had three days to fly before having to return to New York again. So, after breakfast, we went to Rancho Grande Anasco, located 20 minutes from Luis’s house. The conditions were perfect for Esteban to start inflating his paraglider and for setting everything for his first fly. The pilot Chey Sánchez also arrived to share and help us in whatever was possible. At about noon, we normally expect that the winds direction change in the area. Winds from West began to enter at 5 mph of intensity exactly at midday. This intensity is not enough for a “Cross Launch”. After evaluating the possibilities of takeoff of Esteban, it was required that it came out by the method of “Front Launch”. He had to run and launch out of the Rancho Grande parking lot, where he had more space to run. A difficult test to perform🙄. Finally after all the instructions, Esteban managed to launch successfully and flew for at least an hour in the surroundings. The landing was good too. He was very happy with the experience and feeling of the fly. Later in the day he flew again, this time in stronger wind conditions and he also managed to do it fine.

Back in the air, Esteban Torres, visiting us from New York and fly at once. Just his 3rd fly and manage to do a Front Launch😍. Congratulations!!!

Posted by Luis Ruiz Kamikazes on Friday, December 14, 2018
It was an excellent day of fly in Anasco. In the North and South Coasts of the island the intensity of winds were measured up to 28 mph.  But now we learned to take advantage of the “magic” in Anasco to fly 😊.
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