Saturday, December 15, 2018

The plans with Esteban, were to go to fly very early in Lajas Valley. We arrived there at about 6:30 AM and presents were Damian Sánchez and his brother Joselito, Chey Sánchez, Luis Ruiz and Esteban Torres accompanied by his partner María Isabel. Esteban spent the night in the area of ​​”La Parguera” so his trip to the place of flights was short. This time we did not have the same luck as in past days and weeks. The valley did not feel cold, there was no fog and even the proximity of strong winds was perceived. So, it was a matter of taking advantage of what we had and going to fly immediately. Luis stayed on ground pending of the pilots’ takeoffs. The first to leave was Chey, followed by Joselito, who did an excellent takeoff with the Trike. Then Esteban launch. He made again a successful “Front Launch”. A little more later Damian launch. In the air, the four pilots went to fly over road PR116. After some 15 to 20 minutes they returned back to the landing area, since they felt that the winds in the upper layers passed 25 mph😲. At ground level they were at 8 mph. This turbulence was hitting them hard as they flew back to the landing area. The landings of the pilots were good, including Esteban. He had communications problems with his radio and managed to do the landing without communication. Esteban indicated that for the first time in his young career he caught turbulence and even got scared as he sometimes felt his paraglider fly backwards 🙏!!!
We left Lajas and at about 11 AM we arrived at Rancho Grande of Anasco. Kamikazes family presents were:
  • Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
  • Omar Román
  • Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
  • Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
  • Michael Diaz and his friend Peggy
  • Jorge Ríos
  • Gregory Santiago
This time the winds coming from West in the area started earlier. Already at 11 AM it was possible to fly, which was used by Luis, Pablo, Chey, Michael and Omar to make long flights from Mayaguez to Rincon. Jorge, the new student, came to practice from the airport of Arecibo where he had received a bite from a dog🤕. He feels right and started to practice hard all afternoon. At first he had problems kiting the paragliding. Luis stayed with him for a while, then Chey, Pablo and at the end of the afternoon Gregory. Jorge advanced a lot in his progress, kiting the paraglider with ease at dusk. He finished exhausted after a long and hard day… Jessica joined the practice of Kiting the paraglider. We feel that she is ready for her first “solo” flights. Here some videos of her practices 💪🏻.
Gregory arrived a little late in the afternoon. Once he launched he even did some acrobatics. He finished his last flight at sunset with some beautiful images. Esteban came late too. He took the afternoon to share not flying. He was on the beach with María Isabel, just having a great time. The winds continue strong for areas other than Anasco. So, tomorrow we will probably return to this place to continue Esteban’s adventure before he returns to New York.
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