Sunday, January 13, 2019

After the hectic day of yesterday in Hatillo, the roads for some Kamikazes pilots was Playa Machos de Ceiba. And it is taking advantage of the visit of the new member of the Team, Roberto Machado with his wife Drania, to give him an intensive course in the paramotor sport.

Present in Ceiba were Juan Carlos Correa, Ismael de Leon, Gregory Santiago, Carlos Candido Rodríguez, his wife Wilma, and children Fabo, Valeria and CC Jr., Jorge Ríos, Roberto and Drania. Enough people for a day where we were a bit exhausted.

The weather was simply excellent, and the “cross” guys, Gregory, CC Jr., Ismael and JC goes flying to the Hotel “El Conquistador” in Fajardo, and the surrounding area. While in the “Machos” beach, Roberto and Jorge practiced hard on their paraglider inflation, being assisted by CC. They were all afternoon in the practices. The plans of next days of Roberto, is get ready to fly as soon as possible …

👉Gregory Flying Over Fajardo…👈

While these are happening in Ceiba, some Kamikaze pilots arrived in the afternoon on the opposite side of the island. Rancho Grande of Anasco. David Silva and his wife Elsie and their parents arrived there, along with Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene and Luis Ruiz. Despite being good to fly, we decided to take it easy and simply have lunch and share before returning to our homes. See photos and videos of both places.🙂🙂

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