Wednesday, January 16, 2019

During the past few days, the new student of the Kamikazes Team, Roberto Machado, had coordinated intensive practices of the paramotor sport. The practices were conducted by Carlos Candido Rodríguez in the area of ​​Machos Beach in Ceiba. After several days of rigorous practices, the long-awaited day for his possible first “solo” fly arrived.

Today, a lot of Kamikazes pilots and family, get together in the afternoon with the instructor Luis Ruiz to the North Park in Hatillo. The idea, among other things, was to try the first “solo” fly of Roberto. Present in the place were, Roberto Machado and his wife Drania, Chey Sánchez, Ismael de León, Carlos Candido Rodríguez and his son CC Jr., Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda, Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie and also the student Jorge Ríos (next on the list to try his first “solo” fly). A lot of people for a week day.

The weather conditions were acceptable, although not perfect. East winds of 12 to 16 mph were the norm, along with some rain clouds coming and going through the area. Luis Ruiz was the first to fly, mostly to test the weather. Later it was followed by Ismael, Eduardo, CC and CC Jr. (testing an Apco NRG PRO paraglider). After this, and some instructions, it was the turn of Roberto to try his first “solo” fly.

Luis launched on a short flight to try out the new paramotor and paraglider (Apco Lift EZ) from Roberto. Everything was fine and the adjust position too. It was about time … after 2 unsuccessful attempts, where Roberto was in the process of running and accelerating with the paramotor in his back. Roberto launched on the third attempt 💪💪💪, and CC and the other pilots went to the air to accompany him on his first flight. After about 30 minutes in the air, he managed to land in excellent form. Roberto was very happy and amaze with the adventure, his wife Drania recorded all the experience… So, we took a break from flying because some cloud with rain appear and take time to celebrate with Roberto his first fly.  🙂

Later in the afternoon, the weather was composed again, and all the pilots returned to the air. This included Roberto on his second flight !!!. Again he make an excellent take-off and eventually landing. It last another half hour in the air. While this was happening on air, Jorge on ground was practicing the control of the paraglider. He  started to look ready for his first “solo” fly.

Chey, Pablo and Ricardo were in the field helping all the pilots present. We had a great time and surely Roberto will not forget the day of his first paramotor flight. CONGRATULATIONS 🙌🙌🙌.

Always giving thanks to God.

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