Wednesday, February 13, 2019

In the afternoon with the idea of ​​practicing and flying we went to Rancho Grande of Anasco. The weather has been quite windy for the North and South coasts, but as expected, in all the western area we had winds coming from west. We arrived there to officially begin the course of the new student Ted Sowinski. He had begun the theoretical course this Sunday February 10, and today he start with the physical paragliding practices. We were also accompanied by student / pilot Jason Scheurer, who resides in Rincon and after a few months of inactivity, there he was, ready to resume the sport.

The wind felt strong coming from the West. The Instructor Luis Ruiz decided to go to inflate the paraglider first to see if the practice of the students was viable. Sometimes it got very good but in others the wind felt somehow different. It was a strange day when it comes to weather. The wind came in waves 😮 … when the wave came strong, you had to throw the paragliders to the floor and even release the Karabiners from the harness preventing a possible drag to the students as the wind passed the 20 mph + mark. After the “wave” passed, the wind dropped in intensity until it practically went out completely. Then, after five minutes, the next wave returned and with it the intensity of the winds.

We were doing some practice with the students. But faced with the irregularity of the situation, we decided to finish the practices at 5 PM. It is the first time that we go to Anasco and witness this type of situation. The normal thing is that when the wind comes from the West, in a very stable way.

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