Friday, February 15, 2019

We coordinate for the afternoon to make some paramotor flights to Andrés and his wife Lindsay. Andrés is the son of Edgar Reyes and Jenny, who enjoyed the paramotor flight with Luis Ruiz in Hatillo on November 28, 2018, and on recommendation, his son and wife had come to live their experiences.

This time we visit Villa Pesquera of Isabela. The conditions were so good to fly, that there was no wind. Only a small breeze coming from the north and that was what we had to take off.

Obviously, the initial flight option was Lindsay, who weighs about 120 pounds (Andrew weighs 185 pounds). Luis after the rigorous instructions and preparation of equipment, try twice with the Power Gold paramotor of 28 HP, but he ran out of track. He had to take out the most powerful paramotor, the 35 HP Corsair Black Bull engine. This time they left without major problem and the flight was excellent. The view was simply spectacular. The fly reached Jobos Beach and surroundings before turning back to Villa Pesquera.

Lindsay explaining part of his fly.

Once this flight was over, it was Andre’s turn. The launch was complicated, the race versus space to take off. The wind had risen some intensity and Andres was eager to fly, and his attitude to run as best as possible if necessary. So, we were going to try it.

Once again Luis prepare the equipment. Everything was in order and they went flying, but some doubts with the altitude in the process caused Luis to abort the flight. Once verified everything and Andres ready for a faster run, they left in a second attempt and this time they managed to launch.

Andres ready for the adventure.

Unfortunately within a few minutes, the engine did not feel good and the rpm of the engine was getting too high. It turned out that the pulley of the propeller started to slip the belt. They had to land and made very smooth. The only bad thing is that we were quite far from the take-off area. So, with a big walk ahead. Luis took the paramotor in his back and Andrés took the paraglider and started to walk in the soft sand. The walk was about 800 meters!, Was an intense walk. Logically, after this they would not try to fly again and Andrés already indicated that on his next trip back to the island, it will be a priority to complete his desire to fly. And here we will be waiting. 😊 😊

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