Saturday and Sunday February 16 – 17, 2019

Spectacular weekend with Team Kamikazes. We have two excellent days of flight and healthy sharing of the great community of pilots and their respective families throughout the whole island. But here we go. The list of pilots and families who said they were present at Villa Pesquera Isabela in the two days of flight:

• Luis Ruiz his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
• Michael Diaz and his father Papo
• Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
• Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
• Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
• Carlos Candido Rodríguez and his wife Wilma
• Roberto Machado and his wife Drania
• Iván Torres and his wife Pamela
• Ismael de León his wife Maritza and daughter Nicole
• Noel Vale and his wife Tata
• Roberto Rodríguez and his wife Elba
• Dimas Ruiz his wife Deli and children Anthony, Dariel and Alanis
• Gregory Santiago his wife Iveyra and daughter Keyra Lis
• Omar Román
• Juan Carlos Correa
• David Silva
• Ted Sowinski

The flight activities, actually started on Saturday in Cayey. There, Carlos Candido Rodríguez went with his son CC Jr. to fly in Cayey very early in the morning and close to his residence. Is the first time they would try that.

CC Jr. go for it and manage to launch, and fly the surrounding area. After a few minutes of flying, it was time to land due to the arrival of turbulence. Later in the day, CC looked for Roberto Machado and his wife at the airport. Roberto comes to the island to fly for all week. They started the adventure this same afternoon in Arroyo, at the South East of Puerto Rico. There they had great weather for flying. Presents were Gregory, CC, CC Jr., Roberto and Antonio.

They all manage to launch and flew until it got dark. In the case of Roberto, he achieve to took off in low wind conditions and made a very beautiful flight in the area. At one point in the flight, Roberto had a situation with his paramotor and needs to land without power. Unfortunately, he landed quite hard and hurt his ankle, so he will resting for the next few days …

While that same Saturday in Isabela, the flight conditions were just perfect. Light north winds of about 5 mph were the norm all day long. Luis Ruiz was giving paramotor rides to passengers who wanted to live the experience as was the case of Sara and Saritza Galloza, who include some photos with this story. It was also the case of Marcos. This turned out to be a young man who, on vacation in the area, convinced his parents to allow him to fly. The excitement of Marcos’ flight was so great that they also got up to fly, their mother Jessy and her sister Arialis. Even his father, Chelo, is considering entering the sport.

Flying for long time were, Pablo, Robert and Chey. While we received the visit of Ivan, who had not shared in the activities for some time. We convinced him to fly, and he joined the rest of the pilots in the air. He was very impressed by how powerful and light is the SkyMax Moster paramotor of Luis with his paraglider BGD Luna. Ricardo for his part, already has the parts that he needs to repair his paramotor. So we hope to have him in the air again soon.

Between flight and flight, our day was gone. Pablo and Chey spotted whales sailing near the coast. And that’s how we arrived on Sunday …

On Sunday, again Full House!, and more …, now arriving there were the pilots from the East. JC, Grego, CC, Roberto and even Ismael de León with their respective families. Also from the North area appear Omar, who arrived on the night from professional business in Texas, was saying present.

Finally the party was formed. All the pilots flew back and forth at will. At one point in the afternoon, maybe with the arrival of a High Pressure system to the zone, some small clouds formed on top of us. The estimated altitude of the clouds were between 600-800 ft. Some pilots gets high and visited them before they dissipated.

Luis, on the other hand, was giving Tandem Fly in the paramotor to people looking to live the experience of the paramotor. This time one of the passengers, Loriany, had the opportunity to see a huge whale about 30 ft long that was swimming on the surface. This was close to Poza of Teodoro. It was a great experience to see the whale in her natural habitat … Loriany’s husband, Eliezer, also flew with Luis and was very pleased with his fly.

After a break from Luis, was Paola turn to fly. She is the girlfriend of Ian Darrell. When Luis launched with Paola, Ian launched and got fly to their side all the way to Jobos Beach. Also Wilma, the wife of CC, who minutes earlier had said she would not fly because of being afraid of the altitude, was convinced to do it. Indeed, she had a very good fly with Luis. They were accompanied in air by Grego, JC and CC. Later Luis continued the lessons of the new student Ted. And also to his son Noah Enrique, who continues to grow by leaps and bounds and each time learns a little more …

At one particular moment were flying at the same time, CC, Antonio, Grego, Luis, Ismael, Chey, David, Ian Darrell, Pablo and Omar. Ten (10) pilots and it looked spectacular in the crowed beaches. With that performance Antonio arrive to his 4 Star in Level, everything have been so natural with his level. Congratulations 🙂 🙂

Later, in the tents, everyone was having a good time. The Kamikazes girls, the children and the large number of pilots sharing anecdotes and verifying their equipment.

When we arrived to sunset, some of us stayed for dinner at a nearby restaurant. This was quite complicated since many of these restaurants were full of people who had thought the same. Also accommodating a group of more than 15 people like ours was not an easy task. After thinking that it had been a bad idea, we settled down and had a good time to finish the activity.

As always, we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live. See the photos and videos section. They always give a better idea than the best writing we can do.

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