Saturday, February 23, 2019

The surprise birthday of Juan Carlos Correa and Chey Sánchez in Rancho Grande of Anasco. Unforgettable day. Great sharing, adventures and stories every minute. Neither of the two (2) expected this celebration and what mostly the Kamikaze girls had prepared for them. It was nice to have a visit to the international pilot Benjamín Egli, and to Roberto González who had returned from Africa from fulfill professional commitments. This time we will not write much, we will post the photos and videos that best describe how we celebrate our friends birthday …


• Luis Ruiz and his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique and relatives
• Carmelo Martínez and his wife Miriam
• Michael Diaz and his parents Papo and Deli
• Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
• Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
• Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
• Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene and relatives
• Carlos Candido Rodríguez, his wife Wilma and son Fabo
• Roberto Machado and his wife Drania
• Noel Vale and his wife Tata
• Dimas Ruiz and his wife Deli and children Anthony, Dariel and Alanis
• Gregory Santiago and daughter Keyra Lis
• Benjamin Egli
• Berto García his son Michael and family
• Roberto González
• Gabriel Martínez
• Juan Carlos Correa
• David Silva and his wife Elsie
• Ted Sowinski

As always, we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live. Thanks to everyone who took out their time to share with us.


👉Gregory Santiago in front of Nuclear Plant Rincon.👈

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