Saturday, March 09, 2019

The Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico, went this time to Playa Machos of Ceiba. Long time since our last visit to the place. There we found the land very well prepared for the activities as well as Elisabeth Rivera and her food business, always happy to see us.

The weather was difficult. Winds of 18 mph + were the norm for the whole day. Even so, several members of the Team, gathered to practice, fly or simply share. We can mention Luis Ruiz, Juan Carlos Correa, Candido Maldonado, Felito Rodriguez, Luis David Cruz and his wife and Michael Diaz with their parents Papo and Dali and his sister Mayleen. Reynaldo Vega, a long-time friend and who is interested in taking classes, also arrived …

Luis was the first to arrive with Felito, and took the time to give him kiting classes. Felito assimilated the classes very well, and after a while he was holding the paraglider on top of him for some minutes. Juan also practiced a little while Luis took time to fly. In the afternoon Luis David arrived with his wife, this is a member of the Team for years, but for reasons of work outside the island has not been able to share with us as he would have liked. He will be a few days on the island, so we hope that this time he can make some flights. He practices with the paraglider and show  great skill.

Others who came and started practicing with Noah’s mini paraglider, were Michael and family. They love Noah’s glider. We were there until 2:30 PM and decided to end the activity since the winds were not going to go down. We hope to return more frequently to this beautiful place.

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