Wednesday, March 13, 2019

And we have already begun to receive the first cold fronts that leave the United States. This means, the best flight conditions for the entire north coast of the island. Winds from the North enter the island and in very laminar conditions. This allow any PPG pilot to go “cross” flight by tens or even hundreds of miles.

So, we met in the afternoon at Villa Pesquera of Isabela. There came, Omar Román, Luis Ruiz and students Ted Sowinski, to continue their course, and Thaddeus Gala to start his own. Thaddeus did the travel from Humacao and there he was, eager to join the adventure.

The north winds, as projected, entered at a intensity between 5 to 10 mph intensity. Ted continued with his inflation practices. He is showing great progress. Maybe we will try his first “solo” flight in paramotor next weekend. Stay Tuned…

Meanwhile, Omar launched and went flying along the coast and was followed by Luis, who decided to take a short flight before starting the course to Thaddeus. While flying, Luis spotted Ivan Torres flying his paraglider, without a motor, from the Farallón. Ivan had been waiting for these conditions for months and finally is here, and there he was, enjoying his flight.

By the time Luis landed, Thaddeus was already waiting for him, and Ted continued his practices. So, we started the training of Thaddeus, who turned out to have great ability. He used to fly gyro-copters while living in the USA. This help a lot in the progress. The afternoon took place in inflation practices, both Ted and Thaddeus. We finish the training at sunset. By the weekend, if the weather stays the same as projected, we hope to return to Isabela and with much more action from our Team Kamikazes pilots.

Soon we will include more photos or videos. Stay tuned…


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