Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Weekday but with excellent weather. In the Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico there was a lot of desire to fly and practice. This is the perfect formula to invent something. So, some of us decided to meet at Parque del Norte in  Hatillo. Central place for all pilots and students who could arrive.

In the afternoon they arrived from different parts of the island, Ted Sowinski (Aguadilla), Luis Ruiz (Aguada), Eduardo Pabon (Barceloneta), Gregory Santiago (Cayey), Luis David Cruz and his wife (Humacao), Thaddeus Gala ( Humacao) and a large public that stopped to see us fly and ask about the sport as possible students José and Luis (Camuy). And Luisito Lopez (Aguadilla) who passed by with his wife and little baby. Luisito had a great skilled control the paraglider some years ago, and had the opportunity to practice a little bit with the Team. He was very happy with the experience.

The weather was very good to fly, NE winds of 8 mph were the constant. Although at dusk we were surrounded by rain clouds that fell in different areas, but it did not reach us.

Luis Ruiz took a flight around. Then,  dedicated to finalize details of the students Ted and Thaddeus en route to their first “solo” flights that may be tried this coming weekend. Even Thaddeus went flying with Luis as a passenger and took the controls of the paraglider while flying around.

Gregory and Eduardo, with their experience, flew at will around and even crossed the entire coast. Luis David, a veteran Team pilot, joined them, he is on vacation in Puerto Rico. Luis David didn’t fly with the Team for about 8 years since he work in USA. Worse yet, when he arrived to Hatillo, he had unexpected problems with the manual start of his paramotor and could not fly … Luis saved the situation by lending him his personal paramotor, and there was Luis David, finally flying after 8 years of absence!💪💪

We stayed at Parque del Norte until they closed at 6 PM, all very happy and waiting for the weekend. Mostly Thaddeus and Ted. We hope they could achieve their goals.

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