Sunday, April 28, 2019

After the busy and active Saturday at Villa Pesquera of Isabela. Today we came back to continue classes with new students. Luis Ruiz went with his family, Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique to also enjoy some of the beach. This time the weather conditions had changed. Rains and a lot of wind predominated throughout the island, mainly in the interior.

So, we arrived in the afternoon (3 PM) to start the course officially Ewell Young. He is an airline pilots by profession and who currently resides in Isabela. Next to him came also from Ponce, Radames Tirado on track to continue his classes for his first “solo” flight that is fast approaching.

When we arrived, as expected, we had 18 mph winds with gusts above 22 mph +. Ian began to practice with his paraglider Apco NRG PRO 18.5 and barely managed to control it. Luis started the theoretical course of Ewell while Radames took the training paraglider, BGD Seed to practice.

Thus continued the afternoon. Ewell had the opportunity to start inflating the training paraglider being assisted directly by Luis. Radames in the meantime used the Apco model and is showing great skills.

In the training, we had the pleasant visit of our friend of “Kayaking Parguera” Luis Gabriel Camacho. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, and ended up practicing a little with the paraglider. About 15 years ago, when we started all this movement, we visited Gaby at his home to fly from the mountain of the Ovni Puerto. Friendship that last long for years. Nowadays he is quite an entrepreneur, moving his Kayaks business in La Parguera. He receives visits from all over the island and from International territories all weeks.

At Sun set, the rain approached us quickly indicating that it was the end of the activity. Here I present some photos of the activity. I hope they are to your liking.

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