Sunday, May 05, 2019

This weekend was very active in our flight activities and in the sharing as a group. We made a bet that the best day for flights would be this Sunday at Rancho Grande of Anasco, and so, it was!

In reality, we started the activities yesterday with the practice of new students Ewell Young and Radames Tirado. They were practicing with the paraglider in the process of flying as soon as possible. Chey Sánchez accompanied and assisted Luis Ruiz with the practices of the students. We closed the activity that day at 2 PM to prepare for today.

And, as we said, we bet on this day, and we were right. An excellent day of flights, and full house of pilots and members of Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico and here we have them.

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis “Tiza” López, his wife Elisabeth and sons Luisito, Ketzy and Keysha
Chey Sánchez, his wife Arlene and parents of both
Gregory Santiago
Juan Carlos Correa
Thaddeus Gala
Omar Román
Roberto Rodríguez, his wife Elba and daughter Ashley
Radames Tirado
Ewell Young
Gabriel Martínez and his friend Raúl
Darrell González

There was a lot of stories to tell about the activity.

👉Video from Ground Taken by Pablo Cruz👈

The first and most notorious was the first “solo” flight that Radames made. He had some failed attempts in the morning, and after taking a break, and restart his mind, he managed to take off in the afternoon hours. The flight was kept in the surroundings being monitored by Luis.

👉First “Solo” Flight of Radames Tirado👈

After some 30 minutes, a flaw in flight of Luis’ paramotor, which used Radames, and which turned off the engine, made this flight more than memorable for Radames. Fortunately Radames followed the instructions very well and landed without major complications. Definitely a flight to not forget. (And with this flight he earned his first level star Congratulations!)

For their part, the experienced pilots Juan Carlos, Gregory, Omar, Thaddeus and Pablo flew at will in the surrounding area. Gregory, JC and Chey flying all the way to Rincon, and all of them arrived to “El Pulguero” in Mayaguez. Gabriel and Ian also went flying in late afternoon. While Ewell, Jessica and Darrell gave hard to the inflation practices.

👉Gregory flying at Nuclear Plant Rincon👈

Then we arrived at the surprise birthday that we had prepared for Pablo. He did not see it coming. The girls had prepared a cake and there were several gifts for the occasion. Among them a doll ?, also Radames as part of its celebration for the first flight, bring a “Blue Label” …, so the party was assembled 😜.

Here we leave photos and videos that best describe the activity. We thank God, and all those who did their bit to make the activity a success. Thank you!!!

👉Luis Ruiz over “El Pulguero” Mayaguez👈

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