Saturday, May 25, 2019

With an active climate in the past few days, we decided to meet at Villa Pesquera of Isabela. According to the weather forecasts, there we would have good opportunities to fly and share as a family. Added to this, is the celebration of the 4th birthday of young Noah Enrique (Luis and Jessica son). Times fly … but that’s the way it is😲. Jessica and Ian Darrell, was organizing all the details of the birthday. It included a BBQ, who was used by Pablo to prepare some meat. Eduardo and Esther also helped with the details.

The first to arrive early in the morning to Isabela was Luis Ruiz. He began to mount the tents and take out the flight equipment. Although with little faith, since the weather looked quite active at about 8:30 AM. Later in the day, the pilots and friends began to arrive and the weather began to improve.


Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Michael Diaz
Radames (Randy) Tirado
Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
Javier J. Ramírez
Willian Natal and his son Daniel
Robert Rodriguez, his wife Elba and daughter Ashley
Omar Román
Gregory Santiago

Luis finished setting up the tents and dedicated to assist in the practices of Javier and Randy. Both arrived early in the morning. Speaking about Randy, he received today, his new Fly Products Rider Moster paramotor. He started today the “Break In” procedure with the help of Chey and Gregory. He is ready for bigger challenges, but today we did not have a paraglider that suite him to fly in strong winds conditions. Instead, Pablo managed to give him a short flight by the “Towing” method. In other hand, Willian arrived from Manatí with his son Daniel to share with us and possibly begin course for the next weekend.

Javier, in other hand, in just his second day of practice was doing very well controlling the paraglider. He has a lot of skills, in addition he had been studying a paragliding book provided by Luis. So, we need to start thinking about his first “solo” flight, Stay Tuned…

About the weather. The wind started early in the morning at an intensity of 10 mph from the East. It pick up the  intensity staying all day  above 15 mph+ (with gust at 24 mph at 2 PM). In the morning some pilots took advantage of the flight window. Eduardo, Michael and Omar, went together flying all the way to Jobos Beach and the surroundings.

Between mid day to 2 PM, the wind remained quite strong. So, we took a break and take advantage to sing and celebrate Noah’s birthday. Several members of the Kamikazes family had gifts to Noah. He was happy telling everyone that he was 5 years old, when in fact he turns 4 years old… Thanks for the gifts🙂.

Luis was the only one flying in those conditions taking advantage of his sporty paraglider Apco NRG PRO of 18.5 meters. At about 4 PM the wind gets down a bit (at about 15 mph with some gusts of 20 mph). So, its time to fly again. This time, Chey, Gregory, Omar, Eduardo, Michael and Luis were all flying together all the way to Jobos Beach and the surrounding areas. Gregory, as usual made some acrobatics in the route. Every pilot looks great. They are truly  ambassador of the sport, as people comes to us looking to learn the sport.

Meanwhile, overseas, some of our Kamikaze pilots were flying. Thaddeus Gala, arrived to the event of Endless Foot Drag in Kansas, USA. There, he rented a paramotor and glider and take some air time. In other hand, Deron Freeeman was kiting his new paraglider, BGD Luna 2, in Connecticut. He is having a hard time in the practices because there are no wind at all, and he need to run…

As always, we thank God to this oportunities the let us live. Thanks!!!.

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