Thursday, May 23, 2019

In the morning, the pilots Thaddeus Gala and Luis Ruiz met to fly. The reason for this meeting is that Thaddeus needs to leave for USA tomorrow to fulfill professional commitments. He will be out of Puerto Rico for at least 3 months.

The meeting place was the North Park of Hatillo. They arrived at around 8 AM. Next to them came Thaddeus’s neighbors. Francis and his wife Lana, who had arrived to enjoy a ride in the paramotor.

The weather was adequate. In what the instructions of rigor were given and the equipment prepared, were 9:30 AM. Thaddeus left to fly with a Paramotor and Glider from Luis since his equipment is already heading to USA. Luis prepared the Tandem equipment and went flying first with Lana and later with Francis. Both flights last at least 30 minutes. The wind remained constant during the flights.

Both passengers were delighted with their experiences that took them to Camuy to the West and to the exit of the Highway to the East.

We picked up early, and everyone was happy with their experiences. Thank God.

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