Sunday, June 30, 2019

Day 06 of Puerto Rico Fly In …

Last day of the Puerto Rico Fly In, and the pilots who came from the USA, are leaving tomorrow back to their homes.

Obviously, the assistance of pilots today was less. Is just yesterday was a strenuous day and some pilots were dedicated to rest in their homes.

But other pilots such as Rafa Guerrero, Dimas Ruiz and Antonio Aria, arrived today at the activity. They had not been able to be with us previously for work reasons. To this we add the pilots who said present both yesterday and today, as Chey Sanchez, Randy Tirado, Omar Román and Gregory Santiago, and with Luis Ruiz, Ernest Ely, London Ivey, Esteban Torres and Deron Freeman. And we had Full House again 💪💪!!!.

This time the flight conditions were excellent from 11:30 AM to 6 PM. Strong winds from the West were the norm of the day. Most important, the weather was very stable to enjoy the flight.

In the morning, before the winds changed from the West, Luis Ruiz took the pilots Deron, London and Ernie to visit the Kamikaze pilot Berto García at the Airport of Mayaguez to see the ultra-light aircraft. It turns out that Deron had experience in this type of machines.

When we realized that the winds were crossing from the West, we returned to Anasco and there we began to fly relentlessly. Chey, Omar, London, Ernie and Randy went all the way back to Rincon. This time they managed to get to the Hotel Villa Cofresi where London and Ernie were staying.

Y nos fuimos pah Rincón 🤪😀!!!!!!!!

Posted by Radames Tirado Zapata on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Posted by Omar Roman on Sunday, June 30, 2019

It was nice to see Rafa Guerrero fly for the first time in Anasco. Also, Antonio show his great skills controlling the paramotor in his low flight attitude. He closed the flight activities. And we congratulate him for earn his fifth flight-level star, which makes him an ambassador for the sport. Congratulations 💪💪!!!

The activity of “Puerto Rico Fly In” finish in a dinner in the elegant restaurant “Eclipse” of Villa Montana, Isabela. Present were, Deron and his girlfriend Carla, Luis and his wife Jessica, London and Ernest. And we had a great time with a great food. We thank Deron for this final invitation. From that same night they would all go back to their homes after an intense week of flights.

We thank all those who made their effort to be with us making history and bringing an unforgettable memory during this week. Thank you 😍!!!

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