Saturday, July 13, 2019

Due to the strong wind these days, the activity of Team Kamikazes moved for tomorrow Sunday. Even so, this does not mean, that today Saturday we did not have some activity.

The Instructor Luis Ruiz cited students Ewell Young and William Nadal (accompanied by his wife Maribel) at 7 AM at Villa Pesquera in Isabela. They will train as predicted until 10 AM. The wind started smooth and Luis was testing equipment, even flying a little. Ewell arrived at 7:20 AM and from there he began to practice inflated with an Apco Thrust paraglider, while William arrived at 7:40 AM and practiced with an old and reliable paraglider Paramania GT.

Both took advantage of the time very well, and at the end of the 2 hours of intense practices, they were dominating the paragliders very well. When the wind increased in intensity, we changed the paraglider, to use the small BGD Seed. At 10 AM we were already picking up. The wind had risen a lot of intensity and we have pending the official meeting of the Team in Anasco.

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