Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday…, and even with very active weather for the whole island, we decided to go to Rancho Grande in Anasco. The weather forecasting rain, but Anasco offered us at least some flight possibilities.

Today, there is a commemorated religious ceremony of the “Virgen del Carmen”. It celebrated in the parish of Villa Pesquera in Anasco. As part of these events, a boat tour of the statue of the Virgin, adorned with flowers, is always a tradition among the municipalities of Rincon and Anasco. This tradition is also carried out in other municipalities of the island.

To such effects, the mayor of Anasco, Hon. Jorge Esteves, through a personal friend, Mr. Willy Vélez (Owner of  Rancho Grande Restaurant), solicited us to participate in the activity. They asked if it possible that we could throw flowers (while flying) on the activity at the time when the religious acts were carried out.

Initially, there was a doubt with the weather. So, we did not want to commit ourselves, but once in place, we agreed to do it. The pilots Chey Sánchez and Luis Ruiz were in charge of the mission and carried it out successfully. The show was very nice, and everyone was very grateful for our gestures🙏💪.

While this happened early. A large group of pilots arrived at the place. We can mention, apart from Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene, Gregory Santiago and their daughter Keyra Lis, Ewell Young and his wife Lyanne, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Robert Rodríguez, his wife Elba and daughter Ashley, Juan Carlos Correa, David Silva, Carlos Cándido Rodríguez and Randy Tirado. This despite the fact that the chances of flying were few.

Ewell, gave hard to the inflation practices and Pablo even gave him some short flights by the method of “Towing”. We are already seeing Ewell ready for bigger challenges. We will keep you informed..

On the other hand, it was nice to see David fly again after several months inactive due to health recuperation. He was accompanied by Pablo and CC, flying his powerful Fly Products paramotor with a Corsair Black Bull 35 HP engine. But by the time JC, Randy and Grego were getting ready to take off, the rain came up and did not stop for the whole afternoon. This ended the flight activities, but not the desire to have a good time with the group.

In a break, and after some funny videos of a Dance of Luis simulating a Front Launch. The bunch of Kamikazes pilots emulate him in a coreography funny video. Hope you like it. Definitively a Best Seller…🤣🤣🤣

From the flight area, we went to Rancho Grande to spend the afternoon. Between drinks and food, some dances were also added 😲… Late afternoon the rain decreased and some of the boys ended up entering the beach to cool off. From there we went to Villa Pesquera to dinner. After that, was time to go home.

Even though it did not fly much, but we enjoyed it to the fullest. Thanks to all who came to share with us. Very thankful.

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