Sunday, July 21, 2019

And after yesterday’s busy day in Ponce, today the Instructor Luis Ruiz have to visit Isabela. And not only that, but very early in the morning.

At around 7:30 AM he was already in the area of ​​Posa de Teodoro in Isabela. This to continue classes of the student Ewell Young who arrived accompanied by his wife Lee Annie (and William Nadal, but he could not attend). In addition, Luis was waiting to give some passenger flights to his friend Freddy Pérez and relatives.

The weather was very good. Clear sky and winds around 8 to 12 mph from the East. So, lets fly 💪…

Luis was giving 2 passenger flights, while Ewell practiced paragliding inflation. Once Luis finish the pending flights, he met with Ewell to finalize details before his possible first “solo” flight in the paramotor.

Ewell’s attitude was very positive. So we look for a SkyMax Moster paramotor, next to a noble paraglider Apco Thrust and we try…. After some corrections of rigor, Ewell went to his first “solo” flight.💪💪💪CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

He was flying for half an hour around the area before landing, which he did with excellence. So we have a new Team Kamikazes pilot. And we keep adding.🤗

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