Saturday, September 07, 2019

Before announcements of rains during the day, we decided to go to “La Guancha” in Ponce, where also, on the positive side, gentle winds were forecast.

Pilots who said present:

Sao Cruz
Alex Diaz
Luis Ruiz
Gregory Santiago
Randy Tirado
The new student José “Chelo” Meléndez and his son Marcos
Carlos Cándido Rodríguez, his wife Wilma and children CC Jr., Valeria and Fabo
David Silva, his wife Elsie and her parents

Early in the morning was Sao, ready to fly. He had commitments in the afternoon, but he had the morning ready for flights and he did. After this, Luis was flying up. The weather looked very good and without turbulence, although huge rain clouds were seen inside the island.

Later Gregory went flying. He prepared his Paramotor with a full tank of gasoline and took advantage of the excellent weather to fly directly to the “Caja de Muertos” island that is located about 8 miles away. Gregory’s total journey on his journey lasted about 50 minutes when he was back flying in Ponce.

👉Gregory Santiago heading to Caja de Muertos Island from La Guancha👈

🙄Gregory flying over Caja de Muertos Island I👈

🙄Gregory flying over Caja de Muertos Island II👈

🙄The return to Ponce at 2,000 ft👈

At one point, Ana Paola Rivera arrived with her mother Rossana and her partner Nelson. They traveled from Corozal. Ana’s idea was to give her mother Rossana a surprise gift. A paramotor flight with Luis. Finally, we coordinated not only Rossana’s flight, but Ana’s as well. Both enjoyed their flight very much, and promised to return to fly other areas of the island 💪.

While this was happening, Chelo and his son Marcos, gave hard to the inflation practices. Today was the first day of practice of both and they were exhausted, but happy for what they learned. We will follow their progress in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, David and Alex also flew. David launched without major problems, however, Alex still faces problems in his outings. He kept practicing and eventually went flying in a show of perseverance 💪. While this was going on, CC and CC Jr., arrived in Ponce flying from Santa Isabel. Their flights last 30 minutes in average. They  join Gregory to fly “La Guancha” and their surroundings.

One notable experience is seeing Fabo, CC and Wilma’s son, making their first practices with the paraglider. And with the help of CC Jr., he inclusive taste some flights moments 😄. He has a lot of talents. We don’t doubt he could make the flights very easy… In the future…

At about 3 PM we decided to end the activity due to the proximity of new clouds that were rapidly approaching. Luis is expected to go to Isabela tomorrow Sunday…. Stay Tuned..

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