Sunday, September 01, 2019

Yesterday in Barceloneta turned out to be a strong weather in the afternoon. Several students and pilots were left wanting to fly. So, we coordinated for today in Villa Pesquera in Isabela. The weather projections looked much better.

Kamikazes pilots and students present:

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Omar Román
Ted Sowinski
Rubén Franco
Alex Diaz
Gabriel Martinez
Dimas Ruiz
The possible student Chelo and his son Marcos (Guaynabo)

As expected, the weather conditions were very good. Even gentle winds were the norm in the morning hours. The first to launch were Gabriel and Alex. Eventually Pablo, Ted, Ruben, Luis and Dimas (who launched at the normal place as other pilots) followed them. Luis was giving a Tandem fly to Marcos, Chelo’s  son.

The flights headed towards the Guajataca area in Quebradillas and over the “Royal Isabela” golf course. In the return, they heads to Jobos Beach and all the surrounding areas.

Within such pleasure, there were unexpected mishaps. It turns out that the paramotor that Rubén flew, just quit, and he had to land in an area known as “Secret Spot” that locates between Middles Beach and Jobos. For Rubén, this was just his third flight of his career and he had to make an emergency landing 😲!!! He did very well although part of the paraglider fell in a tree💪. About 20 minutes later, the engine failed to Luis and Marcos. This was close to the landing area in Villa Pesquera. Again, no major complications.

It’s up to Gabriel with his pick up to do both rescues. All with a new story to tell, and Rubén very excited about his experience and learning.

We continue the afternoon with more flights from Pablo, Ted, Alex and Rubén. Everyone on their second flights of the day.

👉The view from Gabriel Martinez while flying Isabela👈

At about 2 PM, we were expecting that Ted manage to land to finish the activity. He landed on foot, but when he lowered the paraglider, it gets hooked on the top of a tree. And here we are going again 🙄. It took Pablo, Alex, Rubén, Ted and Gabriel to get the paraglider down the tree. Even little Noah tried to help at some moment 😁.

Nothing to regret, they are just things that happen and everyone is happy with today’s experiences. And Ted will have to take good time to untangle his paraglider.

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