Saturday, November 09, 2019

This Saturday, good weather prevail in different parts of the island. The official meeting point was Villa Pesquera Isabela. But from previous commitments Gregory Santiago, Chey Sanchez and later Alex Diaz met in Anasco.

In Villa Pesquera Isabela were the pilots Luis Ruiz, Omar Román, Noel Vale and Thaddeus Gala. Thaddeus was just arriving from an Professional Trip in Africa.  Also, presents were the students, José Villanueva, William Nadal and beginning course from Cabo Rojo, Jimmy Guiet. Alex Diaz as we mention, also arrived and was attending Luis with students. After that, he went to Rancho Grande in Anasco.

In Isabela, the weather was good early in the morning. Omar and Thaddeus went flying together all the way to Quebradillas and Aguadilla. In the meantime, Luis took the opportunity to give a Demo flights to a childhood friend,  José from Aguadilla. After that, he also make Tandem Flights to the students José Villanueva and Jimmy as part of their instruction. Both had the opportunity to take the controls and fly the paramotor assisted by Luis. Noel and William arrived late in the morning for the activity. By the time they tried to launch, the wind had risen the intensity and they decided not to try the flights for safety reasons.

In Anasco, with the arrival of Alex, the three pilots decided to fly “Cross” to Rincon. Once they arrived flying at  Rincon Municipal Beach, Alex and Chey found themselves in need of land. A cloud with rain had blocked their return route. Fortunately, Gregory, could return to Anasco and eventually went to Rincón in his Pick Up in search of Alex and Chey.

Alex launching in Anasco.

It was a good adventure and we are glad to see Alex flying safely and long distance with more experienced pilots.

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