Sunday, November 11, 2019

A day that at the beginning was somewhat improvised due to the weather, and turned out to be an excellent and unforgettable day of flights …

It turns out that several pilots of Team “Kamikazes” agreed to meet on the Loiza Beach. And so, early in the morning, were in the place, Luis Ruiz, Carlos Cándido Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Correa, Thaddeus Gala, Gregory Santiago, Michael Diaz, Alex Diaz and his wife Belén, and several more were on their way. The detail is that we did not knew that the wind direction would not help us as we had planned.

After analyzing and trying to lift the paragliders in place, we had to make the decision to change plans. This is always complicated because no matter how much one notifies all the people who confirm attendance… Always when one moves there is someone who arrives to Loiza, as was the case with Pin Pin Castillo.

We moved to Punta Santiago de Humacao, where, as seen in the weather forecasts, the flight conditions were excellent. The mentioned pilots were joined by the student Christopher Cruz who was accompanied by his wife Lexy. Osvaldo “Farruco” Rivera and his girlfriend Maria, (they had shared with Luis last week in Isabela, and they were present with Osvaldo considering start his training), also, Julio and his wife arrived. Julio is a private helicopter pilot and is considering taking paramotor courses.

Anyway, with so many pilots and excellent weather you will imagine that the flights and adventures were many and at all times. The only detail is that the landing was somewhat delicate since the pilots had to land with crosswind since there was little space to enter upwind. Alex and Juan Carlos had funny situations because of this 🙄.

Alex Diaz waiting and obeying the Radio Instructions…🤣

CC, JC, Luis, Grego, Michael, Alex, Thaddeus made flights to Palmas del Mar in Humacao, and even some arrived to Yabucoa. Later, they reached Ceiba through Maunabo. This part of Ceiba and Maunabo looks well abandoned, obviously nothing has been done in that place after the passage of Hurricane Maria. The pilots Michael Diaz (5 Star), Thaddeus Gala (5 Stars) and Alex Diaz (3 Stars) climb in their ratings as pilots. Showing great skills during the weekend. Congratulations!

It was nice to see Christopher progress by leaps and bounds in paragliding control. But not only that, Lexy, his wife, is decided to learn, and was also practicing with the paraglider 💪. Also, Farruco, who traveled from Barranquitas to share with us, practice paragliding a bit. We will surely hear from both soon.

Here I leave a lot of photos and videos that best show our great time in Humacao. As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live 🙏.

Naguabo, abandon Place…

Team Kamikazes over Monkey Island.

The Instructor Luis Ruiz showing some skills while testing a Paraglider.

Team Kamikazes in Convoy in route to Palmas del Mar.


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