Saturday, November 16, 2019

As usual in the sport of Paramotor in Puerto Rico. Every weekend is a “Fly In”, and this time was no exception. The meeting point was the already traditional Parque del Norte in Hatillo. Central place for all pilots from different parts of the island to share without having to travel on the road for a long time.

Adding to this, we have an excellent weather and many pilots and students heading to the place to fly and share. So there is much to tell…

First, it is necessary to mention all the people who attended the activity.

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Chey Sánchez, his wife Arlene and son Joshy
Danny Cintron and his niece Luvy
The new student Roberto Nieves and his wife Amarilis
Thaddeus Gala
Luis Ruiz
Pin Pin Castillo
Chelo Meléndez
Gregory Santiago
Juan Carlos Correa
Omar Román
Robert Gonzalez
Randy Tirado
José TNT Villanueva

Today, Luis bring the new shirts of Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico which were delivered as the pilots were arriving. They were made of high quality materials and also are very pretty. A new order will be prepared for some pilots and friends who want to have them. We will keep you informed about a new order.

In the activity, we begin by indicating that mild winds from the NE dominated the weather all day. The first plans  in the morning came from JC, who wanted to fly to Guajataca in Quebradillas. There was a wedding in process where his son Gian Carlo was present. It turned out that JC did not make the trip alone, he was accompanied by Omar and Thaddeus. It turns out that in addition to Gian Carlo, at that wedding was the Kamikazes Team pilot Rafa Guerrero as part of the guests.

Good morning from Puerto Rico

Posted by Thaddeus Gala on Saturday, November 16, 2019

While this was happening.. in Hatillo, with Luis’s instructions, Chelo launched on his third flight of his career and also Robert Gonzalez who had not been able to share with us for months due for professional reasons. Both achieved excellent takeoffs and landings, although in the case of Chelo, due to unexpected problems with the spark plug of the paramotor, he had to land on Camuy beach. Nothing to worry about, Chelo did very well, and we went quickly to look for him. Danny Cintron was also flying, and for the first time flying an Apco Lift EZ R, in which he was very impressed. Like a Porsche as he mention after the fly…

In the student practices, José TNT and Pin Pin Castillo practiced hard with paragliding. Both are ready for major challenges, we will keep informed about their progress. Roberto Nieves, a native of Bayamon, was beginning training. He turned out to be a student with a lot of tenacity to learn and we don’t have doubts he will be on the air very soon. He was practicing all day with sporadic breaks. As always Pablo between flight and flight, was there assisting the Instructor Luis Ruiz in the training of students.

Then we arrive at Joshy, the son of the pilot Chey Sánchez. He is already an experienced skydiver, and in his spare time he practices with his father with the paraglider. Today was the day that he mount the Paramotor (SkyMax Moster) in his back  with the idea of ​​flying. It turned out that he made it exceptional. His takeoff and subsequent landing were excellent. Obviously his experience in skydiving helped him a lot. And there we had Chey thinking about what he could do in the future when Joshy takes the paramotor to fly and leaves it on ground, 😄. Congratulations!!!.

To finish the stories, we must mention and a lot of respect for Chey, Randy, Gregory and Juan Carlos. These pilots in the morning were flying back and forth to the Jobos Beach in Isabela, which is a considerable distance. On those flights they were accompanied by Omar and Thaddeus. And in the afternoon, they returned to make a “Cross” flight, this time in the direction of the Colon Statue in Arecibo and not only that, but they flew all the way to the “Criollas” Beach of Barceloneta. On this flight they were accompanied by Robert and Luis. So they covered the entire north coast of Isabela to Barceloneta round trip. Amazing 😲

We left Hatillo when the park close at 6 PM. Some pilots went to dinner together and others go straight to rest since tomorrow we return, this time in Anasco. As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live 🙏.

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