Sunday, November 17, 2019

We continue to take advantage of the excellent weather conditions that prevail these days on our island. This time we went to Rancho Grande in Anasco. There were waiting the international Paramotor pilot, Roger Huff, a native of Florida, USA. Who was visiting the island with his wife Margarita and finally managed to coordinate flying with Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico.

From 10 AM, were present Roger and Margarita. Also, the Kamikazes pilots, Luis Ruiz with his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Chey Sánchez, Gregory Santiago and his daughter Keyra Lis, José TNT, Alex Diaz with his wife Belén and Jimmy Gueits with friends who wanted to see him practice.

In the morning the winds remained from East. The forecasts indicated that at any time the flight window would open with the entrance of winds from the W. This happened at about 10:45 AM. From this hour was a matter of preparing equipment and flying.

Roger rented a paragliding and paramotor combo to Luis (SkyMax Moster and BGD Luna 22). He quickly started flying the area accompanying Luis, Alex and Chey. The must-see in the morning was “El Pulguero” in Mayaguez. Subsequently, he would go with Gregory to fly over the entire beach of Rincon.

Meanwhile, in the area of ​​Rancho Grande, students José “TNT” and Jimmy practiced with the paragliders. In the afternoon, little Noah Enrique joined them with the help of his father Luis. It is amazing how the child has been gaining strength 😲…

The afternoon arrived and with this a “Cross” flight was planned in the direction of Mayaguez. If all went well, the plans were to reach “Isla de Ratones” in Joyuda, Cabo Rojo. The pilots Gregory, Chey, Luis and Roger launched in route to Mayaguez. With good weather, everybody head to Cabo Rojo. Once there, Luis turns back, but the other pilots continued flying arriving at the “Isla de Ratones” as expected and even more …, they continued flying around Cabo Rojo and part of Mayaguez, before returning to Anasco.

Our respects to Gregory and Chey, who yesterday flew all the North Coast from Isabela to Barceloneta and today they did the same from Rincon to Cabo Rojo, amazing 💪… For Roger, it was a unique experience with his new paramotor friendships. He is already promising to get back soon to continue discover Puerto Rico at other perspective…

We were blessed that God would give us such a beautiful day to fly it. Here we leave some photos of the activities. Hope you like them.

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