Thursday, November 21, 2019

A special and memorable day 😳…, and unlike the last days of the week that had been cleared with gentle winds. This came with a Cold Front entrance in the north area. The reason for this is a storm that formed out of season in the NE area of ​​Puerto Rico. Go Figure…

We met in the afternoon in Villa Pesquera Isabela. Luis Ruiz with the pilots and friends, Danis Rodríguez (who is on vacation on the island), José “TNT” Villanueva and Randy Tirado. Also joined us and traveling from Orocovis, José, his wife Marie and their son Ian. These came to enjoy their experience in the Tandem Paramotor fly accompanied by Luis.

As we said, it was a rough day. One thing is what one plans and another as things go. This time it was with the weather. In the afternoon we were ready to make the flights of José and Marie. But large clouds were approaching from the north and initially with low wind intensity. Subsequently, this changed at high winds with rain as the clouds passed over us. We even had to hold the tent so that the wind would not take it…

After several minutes of waiting, the wind calmed down and conditions slowly became normal. So normalized that when it was Marie’s turn to fly with Luis, the wind had almost completely gone. This result in two failed attempt for launch. Finally in a third attempt, Marie’s flight could finally be made. Then, after about 15 minutes in the air we had to land due to rain that surprised us from the last clouds of the system.

After everything was normalized (again), Danis and TNT practiced paragliding inflation. Luis then, launched with Jose as passenger. The weather with José was much better and the flight could be extended for more time and distance. Then, an unexpected failure in the Paramotor caused Luis to land on “Sardinera” beach of Villa Pesquera. There after checking and adjusting the carburetor…, they managed to take off (was something extreme …) and fly back to the meeting area. José was very happy with the experience.

Jose flying with Luis.

At the end of the afternoon, Danis went flying with the Paramotor that was previously adjusted by Luis. He was accompanied in the air by Randy. This time the paramotor went out in Danis flight 😲. Danis made an excellent landing and took a long walk to the meeting area.

Anyway, it was a day, as we mentioned, special and memorable. But I think we all enjoyed it in the end and did the best we could. As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live 🙏.

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