Saturday, November 30, 2019

We continue with the intensive training of the new students, Spencer and Cameron. Today we went to “Parque del Norte” Hatillo. From early on, pilots and friends of Team Kamikazes arrived from all over the island. International pilots Deron Freeman and Justin Foulk also arrived.

Presents in the activity …

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arlene
Justin Foulk and his sister Lindsay
Deron Freeman, his wife Carla and family
David Silva
Omar Román
Alex Diaz
Ted Sowinski
Cameron Bailey
Spencer Fisher

The weather looked acceptable in the morning although a cold front with some rains entered the area and made us stop the activity for a few minutes. Once the sky cleared everything was improving, but the intensity of winds began to increase… It did not help the fact that even the “Parque del Norte” staff has not managed to remove debris from the beach area of ​​the last swells that occurred in Puerto Rico a month ago …

We had the visit, for the first time on the island from Pennsylvania, USA, Justin Foulk who arrived accompanied by his sister Lindsay. She was pending to fly with Luis as a passenger while Justin fly the coast. Also, was present the former student and now pilot of the Team, Deron Freeman, direct from Connecticut, USA. He came with his wife Carla and family. If we mention Ted, Spencer and Cameron, we had a large group of American pilots/students on the day.

Luis Ruiz took advantage of the fact that the winds had not increased much intensity to give a flight around to Lindsay, this while his brother Justin flew around. Both enjoyed it very much, especially in our warm weather. Later it was the turn of instruction flight to Spencer. In the air he took the controls of the paraglider to get an idea of ​​how to handle it once he make his first “solo” fly. A subsequent flight to Cameron was not possible as the wind intensity continued to increase.

The fly of Lindsay.

Luis launching with Spencer as passenger.

Deron on the other hand, practiced some time with the paraglider before going to fly accompanied by Omar, Pablo and Ted. While Gabriel, Alex and David decided not to fly due to the wind. Alex was instead assisting Luis in the practices with the paraglider of Cameron and Spencer. Thank you very much 💪!!!!

We cannot finish this story without thanking David Silva, who arrived in the afternoon with food for everyone. Just when hunger began to tighten to everyone. David, thank you very much 💪!!!! After this we picked up early. Tomorrow the roads take us to Ponce …

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