Sunday, December 01, 2019

Today was simply an Epic day. The meeting point was “La Guancha” in PONCE. Without a doubt, one of the best days we have had throughout the year both to practice our sport, and to share with family. There was excellent weather all day and many flights. There is much to tell…

First we will indicate all the people who said present:

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Dimas Ruiz, his wife Deli, their kids and family
Berto García, his kid Michael and family
Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
Deron Freeman, his wife Carla, kids and family
Danis Rodríguez and family
Alex Diaz
Sao Cruz
Billy Aviles
Gregory Santiago
Randy Tirado
Roberto Nieves
William Nadal
Ted Sowinski
Spencer Fisher
Cameron Bailey
Evan Purdy

The main story of the day was the students. Spencer Fisher, from Washington, USA, and Roberto Nieves from Bayamon, who made their first “solo” fly ever… Also, with them, William Nadal from Manati, made his second “solo” fly of his career. Luis Ruiz was very aware of each one of them so that they could make their flights with the best security. He ensured that everyone practiced and made take-offs and landings as planned. In the end, each one of them was very happy with their new experiences. Surely there will be many more flights in their respective histories.

The student Cameron Bailey on other hand, was practicing all day in order to try his first “solo”  fly tomorrow Monday, Stay tuned…

In another notable event of the day, Randy and Alex made a “Cross” fly all the way to “Caja de Muertos” Island. They  took spectacular photos and videos of the place. The total tour was one hour and 15 minutes.

Evan Purdy, an American pilot joining us in the activity, was also flying for quite some time. He was testing the Parajet Maverick EOS 150 of Luis. He gave high qualifications, both, to the frame and the engine.

👉Evan Purdy flying the Coast of Ponce👈

There’s also a “cross” flight where the pilots went all the way to the town of Santa Isabel. This tour last an hour and was made by Gregory, Chey, Alex and Randy. Other pilots who flew multiple times were Dimas, Danis, Ted, Deron and Berto. Everyone with an history on his own. At every moment you could find someone flying. What a great time we had…

Here are some photos and videos that best describe the experiences of the day. As always we thank God for the opportunities that he allow us to live 🙏…

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