Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Puerto Rico began 2020 with difficult times such as earthquakes that are affecting the southern part of the country. It has been of such magnitude that we have had the entire island without electricity during these days. This causes traffic in search of gasoline, food and health problems to many people.

Against this background, we review here a positive note. And it is that as part of the work of Instructor Luis Ruiz, he is carrying out intensive training in Paramotor of the student Mark Grabowski, a native of the state of New York, who is visiting the island.

Today’s appointment initially took us to “La Guancha” in Ponce, but very early in the morning, a look at the weather forecasts along with the current wind measurements, suggested that Isabela was the best option. And thank God we made the route change. In Ponce, earthquakes continued that included roads such as the PR2 closed in some sections, while in Isabela we have excellent weather 😲.

We arrived at Isabela at 8:30 AM and Luis quickly prepared the flight equipment and communication systems. Together with Luis and Mark, Ted Sowinski accompanied us in the adventure.

The basic instructions for Mark, were to inflate the paraglider but this time with the Paramotor already mounted in his back. Mark was previously doing this well without the Paramotor. So, if everything went well there was a chance that he would turn and goes flying. Luis explained the entire procedure in detail and kept in touch via radio.

For this practice we use a reliable SkyMax Moster Paramotor and an Apco Thrust paraglider. After several inflation practices and necessary corrections, Mark launched with excellence on his first Paramotor flight ever!! 🙂💪💪. He was accompanied in the air by Ted, while Luis remained on Earth pending flights. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Both Ted and Mark were flying for about 45 minutes and both had excellent landings. We finish the activity having lunch at a local restaurant before returning to our homes. Thank God 🙏.

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