Sunday, January 05, 2020

It seems that “La Guancha” in Ponce is our fixed destination in this past month to practice our sport. This time, the initial plans were to go to Villa Pesquera Isabela, but a constant rain throughout the northern area caused us to give up the idea. We don’t like to change this place at the last minute, since there is always someone who comes to the place despite the change notifications. This was the case of the day with Omar Román.

Family and Team Kamikaze Members that came to Ponce:

Sao Cruz
Gregory Santiago
Luis Ruiz
Dimas Ruiz, his wife Deli and their children Anthony, Alanis and Arielito
Ted Sowinski
Danny Cintron and his brother William
José Rodríguez and his wife Carmen (Possible student of the Team and relatives of Danny)
Alex Diaz and his wife Belén
Mark Grabowski and his wife Julie
José Santini and his wife Zoe

Once we notified the entire family of Team Kamikazes, we went to “La Guancha”. Gregory Santiago and Sao Cruz were flying in a new area in the town of Salinas before arriving at “La Guancha”.

Gregory explaining how he manage to fly in Salinas.

Gregory over Salinas Speedway!!!

Sao after he land in Salinas.

While for the north area it was all rain, (at least until 11 AM). In the South we had excellent flight conditions with constant winds between 2 and 5 mph practically all day. Gregory did not want to complicate with the situation of low wind and mount his Wheel Trike to fly without having to make effort in takeoffs and landings.

Only Dimas was comfortable with the little wind for takeoffs. While Sao, Alex and Ted, although they were flying, faced some trouble to take off. In the case of Danny, he decided to simply practice and not go flying.

Dimas Ruiz launch.

Alex Diaz launch.

While this was going on, Mark was practicing hard with the paraglider in the process of flying soon. His wife Julie, took advantage and went flying in the area as a passenger of Luis. In addition to Julie, the possible student José Rodríguez and his wife Carmen, also went on a flight with Luis. They are just visiting the island, and possible Jose return soon to take the training for fly by himself. The last passenger of the day was Migdalia, a tourist from New Jersey. Each and every one of them took a great experience that they enjoyed their flights to the fullest 💪.

Santini arrived in the afternoon, and was talking with Luis about the possibility of practice hard this week in the process of flying soon. So, we will keep you informed if Santini manages to achieve his goal of flying these days.

We always thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live and all the people who enjoy this great sport and passion with us. Thank you 🙏!!!

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