Sunday, February 02, 2020

And we arrive to the day of the Traditional Coamo Marathon. For years the largest international Marathon event on the island. For this reason, we carry our activity of flying to Santa Isabel, a neighbor town of Coamo. Some “Kamikazes” Pilots, Gregory Santiago, Carlos Cándido Rodríguez, Alex Diaz and Chey Sánchez arrived at dawn to make the morning flight that would take them to fly over the Marathon at the time the runners were in full competition.

The wind as expected at 6:30 AM was a slight breeze entering from the north. CC and Grego used their “Trikes” to go more comfortable in their takeoffs and landings. These were followed by Alex and Chey. They took off without major complications and managed to enter the Coamo mountain corridor without major problem.

It turned out that the weather was perfect for everyone to fly and enjoy the town of Coamo where the departure and arrival of the Marathon was On. Not only that, but on the way out, the pilots flew to the town of Salinas before returning to Santa Isabel. There are some very impressive videos that we share below 😃😃.

The Visit to Coamo is ON, narrated by Gregory.

CC launching in his Trike…

Alex Diaz launch…

Grego launch, recording in air by CC.

Chey and Grego launch recorded by Gabriel.

CC over the Coamo Marathon…

Luis Ruiz arrived in Santa Isabel at about 9 AM. The 4 pilots were just arriving from their flight. Little by little, other pilots and students from all over the island arrived …

Together with the 4 pilots present, arrived:

Gabriel Martinez
Luis Ruiz
Roberto Nieves
Rubén Franco
Raul Colon
Alberto Sabah
David Silva and his wife Elsie
Ted Sowinski
Randy Tirado
Sao Cruz
The possible student Arquel and his wife Nicole traveling from Villalba

The wind took almost all morning to increase intensity and change direction. At the beginning was somewhat complicated for students to begin their inflation practices with paragliding. At about 10:30 AM the wind start to increase and comes from SE direction as expected. Raúl and Alberto started their training with the paragliders. Also,  CC and Grego were flying again in their Trikes, this time in the direction of the Coast of Salinas. Alex and Chey preferred to expect better flight conditions.

Gregory and CC over the Salinas Coast.

In the meantime, Roberto Nieves received his new Apco Lift EZ R paraglider from Luis. Some minutes later, he joined the other students in their practices. Later in the day, Gabriel, Ted, Sao, David, Luis, Randy and Rubén goes flying. Some venture their flights to Ponce area, and others to Salinas. But Rubén was the exemption.

Video from the view of Gabriel while launching…

Rubén, put good gas in the Paramotor, launched and took height and went in the direction of Salinas. We never heard from him until more than an hour and a half passed. When he returned, he told us that he not only arrived in Salinas, but also arrived at the Guayama Electric Plant. Amazing 😲…

We were there until sunset. It was excellent and as always we thank God for these opportunities that allows us to live 🙏…

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