Wednesday, April 22, 2020

We were back at the new place for flying in Mamey, Aguada. Today is the day of Mother “Earth” and scattered clouds dominant the sky. And we have the best weather for flying in weeks. That means that our time in the air could be longer.

Luis Ruiz launched first and he fly directly to Moca Town. Once he arrived to Moca and with excellent weather, he considered to keep moving in San Sebastian direction. But after short analysis, and for this moment (of quarantine) that we are living, he preferred to keep closer to Aguada.

Ted Sowinski, in other hand, enjoy a more wider fly in the area. He has been flying almost everyday of the week. Finally, Luis keep flying Moca and part of Aguadilla and Aguada before goes to land. The fly last one hour, and could me more. the weather keep perfect.

Here are some photos of the flights. Enjoy…

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