Saturday, April 25, 2020

Early in the morning, some pilots of Team Kamikazes met in Lajas Valley. Looks now like an eternity the times that we could fly without need worry about the places and hours of fly…

We met at Damian’s Place at 6:00 AM just before sunrise. There arrived Ted Sowinski, Luis Ruiz, Chey Sanchez, Damian and Joselito Sanchez. The weather, as expected, was good. Light winds that eventually going to rise past 8 AM.


The first to launch was Chey, followed by Luis, then Ted and Damian. Joselito, using a Trike, had an unexpected problem with the propeller of his equipment and couldn’t fly.

Luis an Chey goes all the way flying to Guanica and were very close to the PR2 when the winds there start to deteriorate. Then return to Lajas where they met with Ted and Damian in air.

By 7:45 PM everybody was on ground, landing safely. As happens all this days, everybody return to their home to maintain the quarantine… As always we thank God for the opportunities he bring to us.

Luis Ruiz with Chey Sanchez returning to Lajas.

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