Wednesday 06 and Thursday 07, May, 2020

Training days… On Wednesday, we were very early in the morning in Las Criollas Beach, Barceloneta. The idea was start the training of the new student of Team Kamikazes, Eric Harthman. He travel all the way from Condado, San Juan, and was ready to start.

What  worries us is that the Police at some point could arrive to question our practice, and told us to leave. Fortunately, that was not the case. In fact they arrived, but after some dialog they let us finish our practice by mid day.

Luis cover all the general basis of the sport, and that included talks of the Paramotor and the first kiting lessons from Eric with the Paraglider.

By mid day, the weather gets hard, and we decided to finish the first practice. We will continue soon…

On Thursday, the meeting point was in Mamey, Aguada. There, Luis arrived very early in the morning to fly and give Alberto Sabah some training about how to make Front Launch at Cero wind conditions. The conditions were perfect and Alberto was getting better at each time he make the practices.

Here are some photos and videos from both activities. Hope you like it…

Alberto Sabah practicing Front Launch…


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