Monday, May 04, 2020

This day, the Quarantine that we are living in Puerto Rico gets a little more flexible. Now is permitted to walk, jogging and runs bicycle but always maintaining the proper Social Distance. This permit runs everyday from 5:00 AM to 3 PM. Still closing for public are the Beaches, Gymnasium, and Parks…

The weather was simply perfect. And we decide in the morning to go to Villa Pesquera Isabela to make some flights. Accompanying Luis Ruiz were Alberto Sabah. Both were respecting the Social distance in order to make at least a short fly in the area.

Soon after they arrived, Alberto launched for first time in months. Luis followed him, launching from the round area for bicycle road, avoiding to get into the beach. Alberto keep flying close to the area, but Luis goes in a “Cross” fly heading West, around all the Coast to Villa Montana and even part of Aguadilla Coast.

Was a special fly from the beginning, Luis saw some people enjoying the beach at different spots, avoiding any human contact. Also the view of a Blue Boat parked in a hidden place, let us think that some people entered recently to the island…

After one hour of fly, was time to land. Alberto was on ground when Luis fly above Villa Pesquera, and, the Police was there waiting for Luis to land…

After the land, Luis had a “Cordial” conversation with them. Both parts exposing the arguments about the Quarantine and limitations versus the rights for flying or freedom, respecting at all times the Social Distance and hours for practicing as indicated by the Governor.

Here are some photos taken by Luis while flying the coast. Hope you like it….

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