Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Majestic Ceiba …❤️ A few days ago we made plans to visit this town at the invitation of Team Kamikazes pilot, Robert González. The day was finally today and even better, we have excellent flight conditions.

This visit was coordinated with Robert, who in turn coordinated with the municipal agencies so that we could make some flights behind closed doors and in social distance at the “Machos” beach in Ceiba. Thanks to Mayor Angelo Cruz for his hospitality.

The pilots and students who could say present were Robert González, Luis Ruiz, Rafa Guerrero, Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda, Gregory Santiago, Alex Diaz, Eric Harthman, Ismael de León, Luis “Tiza” López and José Santini.

During the day, Luis was assisting Eric and Ariel with their training at paragliding control practices. Winds were constant at 15 mph ESE. This is a bit strong, but being consistent was very good for the students. Santini also accompanied them in part of the practices.

Ariel dominating the paraglider after a long day of practice… (recorded by his wife Wanda)

While this was happening in practice. In the flights, the pilots Ismael and Robert were the most that flew. These two flew on several occasions and even reached the Fajardo coast flying around. A little later they were followed by Gregory, who as always did an air show. Also by Rafa and Alex, who were taking some time from their jobs (in medicine) to share with us and change the environment and breathe fresh air.

“Tiza” on the other hand came out of work and came to share a little with us. At about 3 PM, we were already picking up and returning to our homes to continue the social distancing. Here we present some photos and eventually a video of everything that happened in Ceiba …

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