Saturday, May 16, 2020

The weekend came, and again the weather was great to fly all day. At least on the north coast … We decided to return to Isabela, again on the land in front of Alberto Sabah’s house. This time the winds entered a little more to the north, which made taking off and landing a little more difficult.

The pilots who said present were:

Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda
Randy Tirado, his wife Arami and children
Luis Ruiz and his son (and pilot) Ian Darrell
David Silva and his wife Elsie
Chey Sánchez
Fernan Lassalle
Gregory Santiago
Robert Gonzalez
Alex Diaz
José Roberto Nieves
Jaime Gueits

In short, a fairly large attendance considering the times we are living.

With the winds gently coming in from the north, the pilots that launched were, Fernan, who was followed by Chey, Ian, Gregory, Randy and Luis. While on the grounds the students Jaime and Ariel kept practicing with the paragliders. This time they had to practice Front Launch procedure with little wind intensity.

In the meantime, the pilots, Robert, Alberto, José Roberto and Alex made a few attempts to get out, but because of how complicated it had become, they had preferred to wait for better conditions.

The weather on the coast was perfect to fly the entire coast without any turbulence. But landing above the cliff was another story…

Each and every one of the pilots managed to land well, but a bad turbulence move at the last moment to the Randy’s land, and although it looks a relatively smooth fall, but with all the weight of his body and paramotor on his right leg, caused him a fracture 😑… At first, those who were watching did not think it was something serious, the landing did not look hard, but the right leg was stuck at the worst time … we contacted an ambulance that lent him the services. Subsequently Randy was admitted to the Aguadilla Hospital. Hopefully we expect that Randy recovers as soon as possible. We will keep in touch…

Later in the afternoon a meal was ordered for those present at Alberto’s house. Everyone’s spirits were down, but we are all certain of Randy’s quick recovery.

Here are some photos and videos of the activity …

Gregory launching on Trike…

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