Tuesday, June 09, 2020

It was not a typical Tuesday … At least not for Ariel Rodríguez, who was looking to make his first “solo” flight. Neither for Nilda, wife of friend Ariel Acevedo, of Yanilys, daughter of Yamil Carrero nor of Derrick Castro, grandson of Ariel Rodríguez.

It turns out that we met in the afternoon at Villa Pesquera Isabela with the idea of ​​flying and practicing. Conditions were excellent, so the afternoon promised.

The first to arrive was Ariel with her grandson Derrick. He came prepared to take his first “solo” flight and for that he had arrived early to practice with the paraglider. Already in the afternoon, with the arrival of Luis Ruiz, Ariel’s flight began to be organized.

Ariel Acevedo also came to give his wife Nilda a flight gift, in the same way Yamil Carrero arrived so that his 9-year-old daughter, Yanilys, also enjoyed the flight in Paramotor.

As the afternoon wore on, and after several attempts, Ariel take off for his first “solo” fly !!!. His takeoff and landing were good. He flew for around 30 minutes, before Luis instruct him to land.

After that, Luis began to fly the possible  students he had pending.

Both Nilda, Yanilys and Derrick really enjoyed their flights. Here we present some photos of the activity. During the week we will prepare a video of Ariel’s first flight, Stay Tuned …

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