Saturday, June 06, 2020

With the arrival of strong Caribbean wind, we had to improvise on the destination where Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico would meet. The entire North and South coast were with wind intensities above 20 mph and were therefore discarded. The Machos Beach in Ceiba option was also ruled out (at the last minute) because the area would be used by schools for their graduation activities. So we decided to go to Punta Santiago in  Humacao. A very beautiful place, which is still recovering from the scourges of Hurricane Maria.

Although the weather conditions were good, the winds were above 15 mph. Many pilots from Team Kamikazes were eager to fly and share. It turned out that we had an excellent day of some flights, practices and great sharing among all presents. We were all day between practices and telling anecdotes.

Member of Team Kamikazes were arriving from all over the island…

Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda, who were celebrating their 39 years of marriage (and two more being boyfriends, as highlighted by Ariel, 💪😀) – CONGRATULATIONS !!!
José Santini and his wife Zoe
Rafa Guerrero and his girlfriend Damaris
Fernan Lassalle
Michael Diaz
Eric Harthman
Gabriel Martínez and his childhood friend Raúl
Gerardo Heinz
Ismael de León
Gregory Santiago
Juan Carlos Correa
Manolo Beltrán
Bedwin Santiago (Possible student)

Early in the morning Eric and Ariel began their practices with the paraglider assisted by Luis. Both showing great progress and we do not doubt that they will soon be ready for their first “solo” flights. While Michael take off for a fly. His flight was remarkable since Michael, like many other pilots, had not flown for a few months and the wind was strong (17 mph+). It turned out that he did excellent and was flying around for 45 minutes. Luis also take off a couple of times.

Ariel Rodriguez Kiting the Paraglider…

Eric Harthman showing progress.

Luis Ruiz flying strong winds…

For months we didn’t had the opportunity to share time with Gerardo, Manolo, Gustavo and even Michael himself. Given the low possibility of flights, we passed the afternoon sharing and telling past anecdotes from each of the members present.

Team Kamikazes having a great time sharing stories…

We were very fortunate to have this quality time between us, considering all the difficult things that are happening in the world. As always we thank God for that 🙏.

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