Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday came, and with it, a new course of Team Kamikazes activities. This time we decided to meet on the land adjacent to the “El Caracol” business on PR165 in Dorado. Many pilots and friends wanted to test that flight zone, and today was the day.

From all over the island pilots and families arrived. Here we list all present ..

Chelo Meléndez and her son Marcos
Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arleen
Jose Santini and his wife Zoe
Luis Daniel Ayala and his wife Vanessa
Carlos Cándido Rodríguez, his wife Wilma and son Fabo
Danny Cintron and his brother Joseph
Carlos Robles, his wife and daughter
Noel Vale and his wife Tata
Omar Román
Rafa Guerrero
Robert Rodriguez
Fernan Lassalle
David Silva
Luis Ruiz
Eric Harthman
Mark Grabowski
Juan Pagan, his wife Jenny and family
Rafa Oropesa and his wife Ivonne

Unfortunately, the weather did not contribute. The wind started the morning coming in from the SE, which is not good for flying. Then it was arranged for 10 AM, and at around noon it got very windy at least for the rookie Team pilots.

David, Omar, Gabriel, Fernan, Rafa and Luis went out to fly. All demonstrating mastery on their flights. CC and Robert were assisting them in the landings.

In David’s case, he managed to go “cross” despite the strong wind. It was also nice to see the progress of Gabriel, who made two very good flights with winds hovering around 15 mph+ …

David flying over the flags at Levittown…

👉Gabriel Martinez Launch…👈

Omar, for his part, showed mastery on his first flight after quarantine, and Fernan was like a fish in the water. This is the area that he normally frequents.

Rafa Guerrero, meanwhile, went to fly a Paramotor, SkyMax EOS150, owned by Luis and was very impressed with how technology has been improving the entire topic of paramotors. We will see if there is an upcoming Paramotor change from Rafa….

For his part, Danny and Chelo decided not to fly due to the increased intensity of the winds. And Marcos, Chelo’s son with just 12-year-old son demonstrated mastery of paragliding. We have no doubt that very soon we will have it on the air with us. This would establish a National Record as the youngest pilot in Team Kamikazes. Possibly, if the weather conditions help us, we will try this flight tomorrow in Isabela. Stay Tuned …

We also had a visit from Juan Pagan and his wife. They reside in Florida and are part of the PPG Gang pilots there. Juan regularly flies on “Trike” and in Puerto Rico he is practicing the method of Foot Launch. During this week we will be reporting on his progress.

In the training area we had Eric, Santini, Luis Daniel, Mark (goes to Barceloneta at some point looking for better winds), and Marcos. We keep updating their progress…

Finally, we were very pleasant to have the visit of Kamikaze pilots who had not been present since this quarantine began and even a little more … this was the case with CC and his family, as was Rafa Oropesa. In the case of CC, he is also recovering from a knee injury, which occurred at his job. And although he is eager to fly, but he must recover first.

Here are some photos and videos…

Luis flying at 20 mph winds over Kite Surf…

As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live …

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