Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday, hot, we are already in the middle of summer. This time we went to our already traditional and heavenly Villa Pesquera Isabela. The weather forecasts indicated that the climates would be excellent. But in reality we have some hours of good flights, but in the afternoon it became windy.

Again we have a lot of presence of friends and Kamikazes pilots. Present were:

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Chelo Meléndez, his wife Jessy and children Marcos and Ariana
Juan Pagan, his wife Jenny and family
Fernan Lassalle and his wife Magda
Juan Carlos “Pin Pin” Castillo and family
Mark Grabowski
Chey Sánchez
Berto García
Gregory Santiago

In the morning pilots Gregory, Berto, Chey, Fernan and Pablo took advantage of the good weather conditions to fly around. For Pablo and Berto they were their first flights in months, due to the quarantine. Little by little the Kamikazes family begins to arrive again at the activities. Luis Ruiz had been giving the experience of flying to Desiree and Arquel. This one comes all the way from Villalba to live his experience, and now is considering to take the training. We will let you know if finally happens…

Luis launching with Desiree…

Desiree interviewed by Juan Pagan.

Chelo arrived with Marcos (and his family), who at 12 years old is ready to try his first “solo” flight in the Paramotor. After several practices and dialogue with Luis, we decided to try the flight. But for this Marcos had to demonstrate that he could handle the paraglider in the strong wind that were permanent in the afternoon. Everything went well, but once with the Paramotor in his back, things were not going very well, so we decided to postpone it. At least was a very good practice for next tries…

Others who practiced were Juan and Mark. Mark decided not to fly when he felt that the wind had increased.  Juan in other hand, keep practicing all afternoon. He is already dominating in reverse position and we do not doubt that he will soon be flying with the other pilots.

Pablo and Chey translating a message to CC.

We finished the afternoon with a Paramotor exhibition by Gregory, who needless to say, has become an ambassador  in the sport. Here we present some photos and videos of the activity …

Gregory Santiago flying with style…

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