Friday, July 03, 2020

Today was a very important day for our Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico school. We meet at Villa Pesquera Isabela as part of the long weekend of July 4. And very important, we have an excellent weather to enjoy our sport and passion for Paramotoring.

Before going with the stories, we are going to list the pilots and students present in the activity …

Eric Harthman
Luis Ruiz
Omar Roman
Ian Darrell González, his cousins ​​Brian, Derek, his girlfriend Paola and father Darrell González
Tim Slauson and a friend and neighbor named Shawn
Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derrick Castro
Omar Colon, accompanied by a friend and possible student Troy Donovan
José Santini and his wife Zoe
Inés Ramos from Puerto Travel Buddy

We commented initially that it was an important day. This is the date that Ian Darrell had coordinated with Luis Ruiz, his initial stage as a introductory flight Paramotor Pilot. If the weather was right, as indeed it was. Ian would be trying his first Tandem flights ever. For this, Luis Ruiz provided him with a reliable SkyMax Moster Paramotor, along with 2 Paragliders that would do the perfect job considering his weight and the weight of people that going to fly with him. And speaking of training, there were his cousins ​​Brian and Derek, as well as his girlfriend Paola and his father Darrell. All ready to fly with Ian.

We took advantage of the morning, clear skies with winds from the ENE entered at an intensity of 5 to 8 mph, ideal for those first flights. Ian’s first training fly was his cousin Brian, who had been eager to fly since yesterday (yesterday was windy and the flights were postponed). After the required instructions, Ian take off with Brian. The fly and eventual landing were excellent, as expected. After Brian’s flight, Ian made 3 additional flights. His girlfriend Paola, then Derek and his father Darrell ended up flying a little later. It was emotional to see how Ian prepared his father and gave him the instructions before taking off … we will be preparing a video about these during the week. With these flights, Ian Darrell possibly becomes one the youngest pilot in the world (18 years old) to make Tandem flights 💪!!!.

Posted by Luis Ruiz Kamikazes on Friday, July 3, 2020

The first Paramotor Tandem Fly of Ian flying with his Cousin Brian.

While Ian was making those flights, other things were also happening with other pilots and their own challenges. There we had Eric Harthman again. During months he had resistance to attend the activities of Isabela because of the distance from his residence and now he is very comfortable with the place and enjoying its practices. In the same way Tim Slauson arrived, who was also reluctant to travel from Luquillo where he resides, and there he was talking that he had given during the day, possibly the best flight of his life to date 😉. He came accompanied by a friend named Shawn, who had always dreamed of flying, and there he was fulfilling his dream flying at some point with Luis in the Paramotor.

Around noon arriving to our activity were our friend Inés Ramos, from Puerto Rico Travel Buddy. She organized a surprise birthday gift for her friend Angel Laguer, producer of a TV program, “Pegate al Mediodia” He arrived at the place without knowing that a fly along the entire coast of Isabela was waiting for him. And the flight with Luis was a spectacular one. They not only arrived at Jobos Beach, but arriving to Villa Montaña and the beautiful Shaks reef.

Omar Colon, for his part, was accompanied by a friend named Troy, who is evaluating entering the sport. He was assisting Omar in his practices. Omar continues his progress by leaps and bounds. Now he is turning with the glider on Top of him and walking while maintain control of the glider. That in just his second day of practice. He was using for practice a 22 meter BGD Luna. Along with Omar, Ariel and his grandson Derrick also practiced a lot, both enjoying the benefits of Ariel’s paraglider Ozone Spyder 3. At one point Ariel took it to fly for the first time (before that he used a Apco Thrust), this time with a Paramotor Fly Products Atom80.

We end with Santini’s odyssey. He came with the attitude of flying. In past months of practice we don’t have the luck of good weather for Santini to try, so, today was the day… Luis was there assisting the practices. Everything was fine while Santini controlled the paraglider in reverse position, but once he straightened up there were problems controlling the takeoff route. After various adjustments and practices, Santini take off for the first time!!! His flight lasted about 40 minutes before Luis indicated that he had to land, which he did quite well. Congratulations 💪!!!! We hope it is the first of many more … WE WILL BE PREPARING A GREAT VIDEO OF THIS MOMENTS…

At the end of the afternoon we picked up. Tomorrow is July 4th and we have many plans to continue enjoying this beautiful weather. Always giving thanks to God.

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